Faculty (Technical staff)




Father’s name



(class X  onward)Trade


Date of Joining

Regular/ Adhoc / Contract

CTI   trained (yes/  no)

Photo of official

1 Sh. Sunil Kumar Sh.Bidhi Chand Group Instructor


Diploma in

Automobile Engineering

  27.11.1997 Regular No
2 Smt. Bandna Kumari   Group Instructor       Regular No
3 Smt. Neelam Rani Sh.Ranjha Ram Instructor Matric, NTC,CTI Sewing Technology 28.02.2002 Regular Yes
4 Smt. Kanchan Shukla Sh.Hoshiar Singh Instructor Matric, NTC,ATI Mechanics Electronics 01.11.2010 Regular Yes
5 Smt. Saroj Kumari  Sh.Tidda Ram Instructor Matric, NTC,CTI Surface Ornamentation Techniques 12.10.2007 Regular Yes
6 Smt. Anamica Mahajan Sh. Puran Chand Vaid Trainer Matric,10+2, NTC,CTI Sewing Technology 25.08.2008 Contract Yes
7 Smt. Kiran Bhangalia Sh. Jagroop Singh Trainer

B.A, One year VocationalSpecialization Group Diploma,Course in DressDesigning-Sketching 

Fashion Design & Technology 08.09.2008 Contract No
8 Smt. Harbinder Kaur Sh. Hazara Singh Trainer

Matric, NTC Embroidery & Needle Work, Cutting & Tailoring, CTI Noida

Surface Ornamentation Techniques 03.11.2010 Contract Yes
10 Sh. Amit Kumar Sh. Bhim Sain Trainer Matric, 10+2, B.Sc.(NM), B.Ed., PGDCA, M.Sc.(IT),  MCA Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (C.O.P.A) 26.08.2009 Contract No
11 Sh. Naresh Kumar Sh.Ranbir Singh Trainer Matric, NTC Electronic Mechanic, CTI from ATI Hyderbad Mechanics Electronics 19.04.2012 Contract Yes
12 Smt. ManishaThakur Sh.K.S. Thakur Trainer Matric,10+2, M.A, Two Year Diploma in Fashion Designing Fashion Design & technology 05.10.2010 Contract No
13 Smt. Savita Sharma Sh. Som Dutt Sharma Trainer Higher Secondary Part-I & II, NTC,  CTI Surface Ornamentation Techniques 04.01.2010 Contract Yes
14 Sh. Atul Heer Sh. Ajit Heer Trainer Matric, Diploma, B.Tech. Fitter 17.09.2013 Contract No
15 Sh. Anil Kumar Sh. Subhash Chand Trainer Matric, NTC, CTI Electrician 19.09.2013 Contract Yes
16 Sh. Kushal Sharma Sh. Daya Dhar Sharma Trainer Matric,NTC Electrician, 3 Years Diploma in Electrical Electrician 24.09.2013 Contract No
17 Sh.Vivek Kumar Sh. Joginder Singh Trainer Matric,3 Yeras diploma in Mechanical Engineering Mechanic Motor Vehcile 13.10.2014 Contract No
18 Sh. Sandeep Kumar Sh.Purshotam Chand Trainer Matric,NTC MMV,CTI MMV Mechanic Motor Vehcile 24.11.2014 Contract Yes
19 Sh. Manmohan Sharma  Sh. Gopal Chand Sharma Trainer Matric,Craftsmanship course,in Food Production Food Production General 18.11.2014 Contract No
20 Sh. Ashwani Kumar Sh.Jagdish Ram Trainer Matric,NTC, CTI Fitter Fitter 01.08.2015 Contract Yes
21 Sh.Shiv Shankar Sh. Bikram Raj Trainer Matric, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Engineering Drawing & Workshop Calculation & science 29.07.2014 Contract No
22 Sh. Rakesh Sharma Sh. Reeti Prakash Trainer Matric,B.Com.,M.Com. Employbility Skills 01.04.2015 Contract No
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Mechanic Motor Vehcile